Coney Island Strongman Spectacular

It could not have been a nicer day! Temperature in the low 80's, sun shining and plenty of people heading out to see the return of thr strongmen in Coney Island.

The day began with the Baby Soda Jazz Band on the main stage. Complete with horns, banjo and one-string bass, Baby Soda was as refreshing as the salty sea mist spraying up 12th Street.

Gathering a huge crowd on the Sideshows by the Seashore's bally stage, Cardone, assisted by a dozen boy scouts from troop 422 got into his Houdiniesque milk can. Once tightly shackled he plunged into the warm water and was locked in only to miraculously escape some 80 seconds later...and those 80 seconds felt like a life-time, as I was the one counting down and holding the bolt cutters...

Now on to the truck events. As the crowd made it's way to the other end of Surf Ave., between the Bowery and the boardwalk, 3 strongmen were getting ready to perform unimaginable feats! First up, Baron Geiger who pulled 2 pick up trucks...with his teeth. Next, Stanless Steel Pleskun endured the front tire of a large pick up truck being driven onto his stomach. (I was ready to catch popping eyeballs, but Stan, being a true professional strongman was unfazed by the weight of the truck and walked away with a huge round of applause. Chris Rider, one of the strongest men in the world pulled his own pick up truck down 12th St. loaded with 7 grown men...with his hair! That's right, with his hair!

And if all that wasn't enough, the 2 hour stage show began immediately. Six strongmen took to the stage showcasing their unique talents. Steve Weiner hoisted a 200 pound fire hydrant with his head, Chris Schoeck ripped through a dozed decks of cards, Sonny Barry bent bolts and a three foot steel bar across the bridge of his nose, Brad Johnson drove nails into a piece of lumber and then did pull ups off of the driven nails, Chris Rider bent and twisted more tools than it would take to maintian the Cyclone roller coaster. But it was special guest, Slim 'the Hammerman' Farman that brought the audience to theit feet. Slim, at age 78 was able to pound out more reps on 'the crusher' than all of the volunteers combined for a total of 87!

We were thrilled to honor Mike Greenstein, son of the Mighty Atom. Mike at age 91 enjoyed every minute of the show and even helped block spectators at the truck events!

Immediately following the show, VIP ticket holders were treated to a meet and greet with the entire cast of the show in the Coney Island Museum. The VIP's were given autographed posters and unique items that were bent, twisted and torn during the performance.

Special thanks to RIngling Brothers and Feld Entertainment, Coney Island USA and the Coney Island Dancers for making the Olde Time Coney Island Strongman Spectacular happen.



Blog Date: 
Sunday, June 3, 2012 - 7:50am
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